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Zhengzhou kebu technology co., LTD. Was established in 2009 in the acquisition of the China plant of yamazaki industrial co., LTD., Japan. In China, specialized manufacturers of miniature crawler crane production research for narrow space use. At the same time, also engaged in the export of Japanese die-casting mould parts, chemical granulating blades processing. If you are interested in our products, please contact us, we will win your satisfaction with the best products and the most sincere service!

Sales hotline: 0371-6097 2896
Other sales hotline: +86-133 7391 2951
International trade: +86-133 7391 2951
Business fax: +86-371-60972896
Email: kbcrane@163.com
Company address: hongsong road and chemical road, zhengzhou high-tech zone, China, 100 meters of postal
code: 450001

Japan agent: tablet mountain yufu
Mobile phone: 00 81 90-3954-3847

Australian agent: Mr. Li
Mobile phone 0061405995747


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